Hernan Corporation is a reputable manufacturer based in Malaysia and established in 1996. Our Company markets and distributes products to Australia, New Zealand, UK, New York and recently expanded to EU countries, Hong Kong & China. We emerged quickly as an industry leader in supplying best quality Durian fruit & foodstuff products to customers. Managed by the owners, every employee works as a team and focused on meeting challenges of evolving consumer preference.

We operate a group of well established food manufacturing entities through our subsidiaries, producing a range of quality Durian Dessert & Bakery products. Durian is widely known and revered in Southeast Asia as the “King of Fruits”, Malaysian durian is distinctive for its unique aroma and formidable thorn-covered husk. Our products are even produced from premium Musang King Durian (Mao San Wang in Chinese) which had enamoured many Durian lovers worldwide.

Hernan also does provide Durian for any Event, Corporate Function, Birthday Party, Celebration or Company party. Musang King, D24, D101, XO.....for you to choose. Welcome any event organizer or individual to contact us for more details.


We are not just an OEM or Private Labeling Manufacturer but a partner you can trust for expert advice and commitment to quality.
1. Capability to take your brand insignia and incorporate it into our label model.
2. Create your own brand identity for your very own private label.
3. Utilize the expertise of our experienced design team to create your private label.
4. Design your own packaging.