At Hernan Group of Companies, we each have a responsibility to act in an ethical, compliant, and transparent way. This Code sets out the basic rules we must follow and the values that should guide any decisions we make in conducting our business. This Code applies to all suppliers, directors, employees, and third parties that work for, with or on behalf of Hernan Group of Companies. We require your commitment to the strong ethical values set out in this Code, which includes fighting all forms of bribery and corruption, to guarantee the continued success of Hernan Group of Companies. High standards of ethical behavior and compliance are essential to protecting our reputation.

Our code will provide you with the information and empowerment you need to focus on what matters most and to navigate any ethical challenge you might face with Hernan. This is more than a book of rules. It is our cultural framework of action, enabling us all to work within integrity.

Respecting Human Rights

Respecting Human Rights

We conduct business in a manner that preserves and respect human dignity, and we demand the same from all our employees, contractors, suppliers, agents and business partner. We prohibit any use of contracting directly or indirectly of slavery, human trafficking, child labor and any form of forced labor.

We respect the rights of local communities and with all our stakeholders to create shared values – aligning our roles and responsibilities to uphold and promote human rights.

Our focus is on creating value and promoting sustainable development. We are committed to working with our local communities and stakeholders to ;

  • Identify, prevent, mitigate and resolve social risks and impacts
  • Adhere to all labor, employment and immigration laws
  • Comply with applicable laws and regulations relating to working hours and breaks. Overtime strictly on voluntarily basis.
  • Wages and benefits - Compensation paid to workers shall comply with all applicable wage laws, including those relating to minimum wages, overtime hours and legally mandated benefits.
  • Non-Discrimination
    No difference between people based on their: social, race, color, age, gender, marital status, surname, gender identity and expression, ethnicity or national origin, disability, pregnancy,religion, political affiliation, membership of an organization, protected genetic information or employment practices such as wages, promotions, rewards, access to training, or termination.
  • Promote freedom of association
    Workers and/or their representatives shall be able to openly communicate and share ideas and concerns with management regarding working conditions and management practices without fear of discrimination, reprisal, intimidation or harassment.

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No Child Labor & Employment Are Freely Chosen Policy Non-Discrimination, Freedom of Association and Equal Opportunity Policy

Respecting Human Rights

Working The Safe Way Everyday

Nothing is more important than the health and safety of our people and others affected by our activities. We believe that everyone has the right to go home everyday to their family safe and healthy. If anything – a job, procedure, project, travel – cannot be done safely and securely, we will not do it.

We Deliver On This Promise by Ensuring The Element Below

Working Conditions
We shall identify safety hazard and control them through proper design, replacement of dangerous equipment, engineering controls, preventive maintenance, and safe working procedure.

We shall provide our people with appropriate health and safety training in local language or translation accessibilities.

Living Conditions
Workers should be provided with clean toilet facilities, potable water and sanitary food preparation, storage and eating facilities. Worker dormitories should be clean and safe and have adequate personal space.

Emergency Preparedness
Potential emergency situations and events are to be identified and assessed, including (but not limited to) risk of fire, explosion, fatal accident, mass poisoning, etc. We shall create and implement emergency plans and responses procedures including: reporting, treatment, notification and evacuation procedures, worker training and drills, and recovery plans.

Absolute Rules
We shall observe the following safety rules, ensure that our people are aware and complying, while also monitoring staff compliance:

  • Working at heights: Suitable personal protective equipment (PPE) and appropriate training must be available.
  • Driving: Seat belts, speed limiters, and appropriate license(s) must be available.
  • Electrical work: Never work on electrical equipment without proper qualifications.
  • Alcohol and drugs: Never work under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.
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Environmental, Safety and Health

Promoting Sustainability and Protecting Our Environment

We are committed to operating in a sustainable way to better serve all our stakeholders for the long term.

We will comply with environmental regulations and standards applicable to their operations and will observe environmentally conscious practices in all locations where they operate.

Environment Permits and Reporting
We shall obtain, maintain and keep current all necessary environment permits (e.g waste management, transportation), approvals and registration; and shall comply with the operational and reporting requirements.

Pollution Prevention
We shall respect all applicable environmental laws and regulations on hazardous waste, gas emissions and solid waste, including rules on their creation, transport, storage, disposal and release into environment; and minimize or eliminate emissions and discharging of pollutants and generation of waste at the source.

Energy Consumption and Greenhouse gas Emissions
We shall take steps to cut our use of resources and find low-impact substitutes, reduce our consumption of energy, water and natural resources; and minimize greenhouse gas emissions.

Acting Within Business Ethics

We do not tolerate corruption of any kind and we expect the same from our contractors, suppliers, partners and agent. Proper due diligence is required. NO financial rewards or benefits in kind may be given with a view to gaining an advantage or received in return for preferential treatment of any company or person. When giving gifts or providing entertainment for people outside our company, we always need to think about how others could perceive our actions. We should never create the appearance if favoritism or a sense of obligation to act in a particular way.

Acting Within Business Ethics
Intellectual Property
Intellectual property (''IP'') means inventions (patents), rights in computer software, database rights, rights in confidential information (including know-how and trade secrets), copyrights and related rights, trademarks, trade names, service marks and domain names, whether registered or unregistered, and all similar rights or forms of protection. Intellectual property rights are to be respected; transfer of technology and know-how is to be done in a manner that protects intellectual property rights and customer information is to be safeguarded.

We commit to respect people's privacy and the confidentiality of personal information and will only collect, hold, use or distribute personal information that is needed to operate effectively or to comply with the law.

Protection of Identity and Non–retaliation
We ensure the confidentiality, anonymity and protection of suppliers and employee whistleblowers are to be maintained, unless prohibited by law. We shall communicate the process for our people to be able to raise any concerns without fear of retaliation.

Additional Resources
Whistleblowing and Non-Retaliation Policy and Procedure

Upholding Integrity, Together

Our Code is both the foundation and the catalyst for our collective commitment to integrity, motivating each of us to embrace our individual role in promoting our values and culture as we focus on what matters most.

Holding Ourselves Accountable
If any of our people violated our Code of Conduct, policies or internal requirements, Hernan may take disciplinary action, up to and including termination. Similarly, if anyone is aware of misconduct, and you don’t speak up, or you intentionally provide misleading information, the person may also subject to disciplinary action.

This code protects us – and the Company – from personal, financial, or criminal liability. By reporting a concern, you are living our values, and we will never tolerate any form of retaliation or negative reaction to a concern raised in good faith.

If you become aware of any violations of this Code or any applicable law or regulation, you should immediately report the violation to the ECC. The ECC will review this Code on an annual basis and make any necessary updates to it at the same time. The ECC are required to access and respond to all reports or concerns brought to their attention and if necessary, report any breach to the appropriate authorities.

The following individuals will be the main contacts within the ECC:

Ms. Teo Lee Lian
+60 12-636 1348

Ms Koh Saw Leng
Chief Financial Officer
+603-58770328 Ext 315

Mr. Chen Mian Hua
Navis Investment Director
+012-373 6210