No Child Labour & Employment Are Freely Chosen Policy

The foundation of Hernan Group of Companies ‘No Child Labour Policy’ is based on the Company’s commitment to find practical, meaningful and culturally appropriate responses to support the elimination of such labour practices. It has been formulated in consideration with the acts. It therefore endorses the need for appropriate initiatives to progressively eliminate these abuses. In the conduct of its business, Hernan Group of Companies :

  • Hernan Group of Companies does not employ any person below the age of eighteen years at the workplace
  • Will comply with all other applicable child labour laws, including those related to wages, hours worked, overtime and working conditions;
  • Is against all forms of exploitation of children. The company does not provide employment to children before they have reached the legal age to have completed their compulsory education, as defined by the relevant authorities;
  • Expects its business partners and associates to have and uphold similar standards and abide by country-governing laws in countries wherein they operate. Should violation of these Principles become known to Hernan Group of Companies and not be remediated, we will take serious action, including discontinuation of the business relationship;
  • It is the responsibility of local management and Human Resource Department to implement and ensure compliance with this policy at all Hernan Group of Companies operations and facilities.
  • Employment contracts and other records, documenting all relevant details of the employees, including age, are maintained and are open to verification by any authorised personnel or relevant statutory body.

Hernan Group of Companies also assure that there is no forced, bonded or involuntary prison labour. All work will be voluntary, and workers should be free to leave upon reasonable notice.