A Leading Exporter, A Manufacturer and Cold Chain Operator, A Distributor, A Grower with Quality Difference

A Leading Exporter

Incorporated in 1996, Hernan Corporation is a leading exporter of the finest quality of Malaysian food and frozen durian products. Over the years, it has grown by leaps and bound with its export business spreading to Australia, New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, France, Holland and the United States.

A Manufacturer and Cold Chain Operator

Hernan Corporation is also the leading manufacturer and cold chain operator in producing frozen durian products and durian desserts. The company is equiped with execellent refrigeration capability to produce premium quality products to satisfy its customers.

A Distributor

Complementing its export business, Hernan Corporation distributes dry food, local herbs and spices, as well as snacks and confectioneries that are uniquely Malaysian. The company also holds ‘Sole Distributor’ rights to several renowned local brands to meet the international markets needs.

A Grower with Quality Difference

With a sterling reputation for durian and tropical fruit products, Hernan Corporation grows its owns fruits to ensure the finest quality of fruits. We are a grower with quality difference as only the highest premium grade of durian species and tropical fruits are cultivated in our orchard.